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Energy Efficiency Network ETA+

Increase energy efficiency and reduce costs with ETA+! The energy efficiency network for regional companies in southern Hesse.

The energy efficiency network ETA+ is an association of regional companies to identify relevant energy topics together. The aim is to reveal energy efficiency potentials, save energy in operation and thus reduce energy costs. An additional benefit for all participating companies is the interconnectedness: The network ETA+ provides an distinguished platform for experience exchange between specialists from different businesses. In this context, regular network meetings take place at participating companies, where the latest projects, norms and challenges in the energy domain are discussed. The corresponding further education program is offered by its network partners, as ETA, IHK Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar, Entega GmbH and TÜV Hessen, in the form of various energy workshops and individual on-site consultations. Here, optimization potentials are identified, energy-saving measures are revealed and information about funding opportunities is provided. Upon request, the network will support you with the implementation of the measures and in determining the accomplished energy savings.

The energy efficiency network ETA+ pursues the objective to impart the knowledge about optimization potentials for increasing the energy efficiency to all participating companies. The energy saving potentials are recommendations for future opportunities for action, which are enlarged upon in the selected energy workshops and individual on-site appointments.

The energy efficiency network ETA+ distinguishes itself through three unique characteristics:

The training courses are mostly offered at the ETA-Factory at the TU Darmstadt – the „energy-efficient model factory of the future“ is thus made accessible for companies of various sizes.

From pump optimization to strategic electricity and gas purchases, from the ancillary energy price reduction through to employee motivation: The network not only embraces technical and economical training, but also offers all relevant topics to the decision-makers.

Within the framework of network participation, companies are being offered the opportunity to fulfill the since 2015 legally required energy auditing obligation at the market price.

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