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Simulation of Energy Systems

Energy efficiency measures often fail due to the disproportionate assessment effort in regard to their benefit. Especially in the planning stage, the lack of transparency represents a constraint for implementation. With the use of simulation models, it is possible to predict the energy demand and assess optimization potentials during the early planning stage. The implementation of measures can be aided by simulation models in order to accomplish an energy efficient design and operation. During operation, simulation models serve as virtual sensors, which reduce the cost and effort of implementing an energy monitoring system. In the focus of the research „Energy Simulation in Production“, simulation models of all energy-relevant components of a factory system are developed and are made accessible in the form of application software.



  • Determination and Prognosis of the Potentials of Optimization throughout the entire Factory System

  • Presentation of Cross-Process Impacts on the Total Energy Expenditure (electrical & thermal)

  • Assessment and Realization of Optimization Measures

  • Selection of Energy Efficient Production and Technology Alternatives through prospective Estimation

  • Energy Monitoring with the Substitution of Cost-Intensive Sensors with Real-Time Simulation Models