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Energy-Optimized Supply Systems

A major part of the energy demand of production plants accounts for the supply of machines with heat, refrigeration, compressed air or others. In order to identify all energy efficiency potentials in a factory, a holistic inspection of all subsystems, including the supply technology and the building itself, is needed. Especially, possible energy recovery concepts beyond the production equipment and an optimization of operation strategies of the energy converters are being considered in the research focus „Energy and Supply Technology in Production“. Furthermore it is explored how the energy and supply technology of factories can be optimized regarding the increased use of renewable energies. For example, it is researched how existing energy storage and alternative energy converters can be used to adjust the energy demand of factories to a volatile electricity supply.


  • Holistic Energetic Analysis of Production Plants
  • Energetic Interconnection of Production Machines, Supply Technology and the Building
  • Energy Recovery Concepts
  • Energy Efficient and Energy Flexible Operation Strategies for the Production Infrastructure