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Energy and media efficient nitriding and nitrocarburising.


To reduce energy consumption and also CO2 emission in industrial production a new and more general attempt is aspired by the project “ETA-Factory” 4. The first step is to improve the efficiency of every single machine in a production chain. This should already be done with the background in mind, whether waste energy and heat can be used in another step of the production. By this way also the building with its facilities itself is implemented and all heat and energy flows are cross-linked and controlled. The nitriding and nitrocarburising process is a very high energy consuming part in many production chains. Many aspects of energy saving with high potential are identified for this production step like heating with primary energy, better furnace isolation, heat recuperation, reuse of exhaust gas, light weight constructions, efficiency improvement of electrical components and also the reduction of process gas consumption. All these aspects are evaluated and experimentally verified at an industrial box type furnace in order to demonstrate the key benefits and also the risks. Finally the whole process chain including nitrocarburising is build up in the model factory and all heat and energy flows are controlled and interconnected even with the new production adapted building with all its new facilities and components. Depending on plant and treatment conditions at least up to 50% of energy consumption can be saved, if all aspects are implemented.

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