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Software Framework Engineering for Energy Efficiency Research Applications


In ETA-Fabrik we are researching how tomorrows production can operate as energy efficiently as possible. At the same time we want to enable production facilities to react dynamically to supply fluctuations in energy grids, for example resulting from the integration of renewable energy. To achieve this we are developing applications and frameworks for the prediction and optimization of energy consumption (time and power). These applications include modules for the simulation of and communication with production and building systems.


We are looking for you, to help us continue developing and maintaining these applications and frameworks. We program in python and manage our software in GitLab. You should ideally have some experience with these tools and be willing to independently learn more.


Tasks you are going to work on:

  • Supporting software design decisions regarding the implementation of new features in our libraries
  • Performing required software maintenance tasks and improving test coverage of existing applications
  • Assisting with the management of software development projects and feature requests in GitLab



What we expect from applicants:

  • Well founded python programming experience
  • Experience using git and ideally also docker.
  • Basic knowledge of methods such as unit testing and continous integration
  • Some software design experience
  • Ideally some experience with python modules such as numpy, pandas, sphinx, pytest


Please send your application, including your CV and performance record (from TUCaN) via email to If you have any questions please feel free to call me.



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