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PTW Newsletter

The newsletter of the PTW provides information on recent research topics, results and events of the work groups of the PTW. We would like to encourage therewith an exchange with interested companies and research institutes and are gladly available for a discussion.

In our most recent issue, we have compiled the following topics for you:

  • Prof. Weigold appointed as New Member of the Institute Management at the PTW of the TU Darmstadt
  • Review of the AMB special show: Innovation Tour „Trends of Tomorrow“
  • Cost-efficient increase of energy efficiency and productivity through innovative lightweight design within the machine tool
  • Quantification of casting properties and tool development for the machining of iron-aluminum-alloys
  • CaMPuS – Research on Intelligent Cloud Manufacturing Services and Pilot Smart Factory
  • First HESSENMETALL energy efficiency congress at the TU Darmstadt was well-attended
  • Technology day „Machining with Industrial Robots“

Enjoy the latest issue of PTWissenswert!

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